Developing the Elite

Forge mission-driven teams that operate at the highest level of performance.


Leadership Development

Tier One Inc. provides unique perspectives and methods derived from personal experience in Special Operations where each team member must take lead in their unique area of expertise to develop the leader within everyone. Everyone, no matter their position, has a leadership role to play to achieve operational success.

Team Development

Tier One Inc. knows that the success of an organization is dependent on their ability to successfully function as a team. Tier One Inc. utilizes techniques from some of the most successful teams in the world, the US Navy SEALs, to build cohesiveness, reduce redundancy, increase efficiency, and improve culture.


Motivational Speaking

Tier One Inc. personnel have diverse backgrounds with stories that can inspire and spark drive to any individual, company, team, or group. These speeches will directly draw from Special Operator deployments, experiences, and life.

Personal Defense Strategies

In an uncertain world, Tier One Inc. personnel can provide firearm training to those that wish to protect themselves, their families, or businesses. We will teach proper weapon basics, manipulation, and drills to ensure you are always ready for the unknown.

Defense Consulting

Tier One Inc. will draw upon its over 50 years of Special Operations experience to help companies, teams, and groups bring certainty in an uncertain world. Tier One Inc. personnel will identify and teach methods to help ensure the safety of all employees, customers, and assets such as: threat and vulnerability assessment, firearms training, force protection measures, active shooter protocols, defense strategies, and close-quarters combat/close-quarters battle (CQC/CQB) training.

Business Consulting

Tier One Inc. personnel will provide methods and tactics to assist companies in their development to accomplish any mission at hand. We will take methods used in the Special Operations community as well as prominent business leaders to show how the two directly intersect. Many fail to realize how similar the two worlds are. Tier One Inc. personnel will provide tactics used in the Special Operations community to help establish and execute on a plan to meet all company objectives.


HR Consulting

Tier One Inc. can directly assist and support Human Resources (HR) departments in proper Selection and Recruitment of personnel into any team, company, or group to ensure they are picking the best potential candidates. This not only ensures mission success for the company but also ensures employee satisfaction. In the SEAL Teams, our strength lies within our ability to act as a Team. That is why the SEAL Teams training is made to be so difficult; it is a selection process. To have the best team, it starts with who you select! We will assist in identifying how this can be accomplished using methods that directly correlate to the civilian world.

What to Expect


Gain a new level of thinking to enhance personal and professional relationships.


Offer tailored training programs for individuals and teams at any level within an organization.

Best Practices Consultation

Address specific gaps and shortfalls to elevate individuals and organizations to an elite Tier One level.


Apply the leadership and teamwork principles from US Navy SEALs and Special Operations Forces to any organization or individual.

Unique Training Programs

Develop mission-driven teams that excel in their performance and execution.


Reduce redundancy, increase efficiency, and create a highly driven culture within companies, teams, and individuals.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

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